CFast: Sharon’s Story

On 20 Apr 2015    

A little over six months ago Sharon Ni Ici visited Smiles Dental Waterloo Road for a CFast consultation with our dentist Dr Dan Gruenfeld because she was unhappy with how her teeth looked. Fast forward six months later and now Sharon can’t stop smiling or checking out her teeth! She says she’s happier with her smile now than she’s ever been before.

This is all thanks to the efforts of Dr Dan Gruenfeld and an orthodontic treatment called CFast. Before we get into Sharon’s journey to a straighter smile, let’s find out exactly what CFast treatment is.

CFast treatment


What is CFast treatment?
CFast treatment is an orthodontic or teeth-straightening treatment used to correct over crowded, crooked or gapped teeth. CFast focuses only on the teeth in what’s known as your visible smile (front six to eight teeth). Because of this CFast is much faster than traditional braces – typically around six months treatment duration. Another important feature of CFast treatment are the tooth-coloured brackets and wires used. This makes CFast very discreet. Most people won’t know you’re wearing braces unless you point it out.

How does it work?
Using a combination of traditional orthodontic techniques, modern materials and tooth-coloured nickel titanium wires, CFast treatment gently moves your teeth quickly and safely. First, your Smiles dentist will assess your suitability. On your next visit you’re fitted, over the next six months you regularly visit your dentist every four to five weeks to have adjustments. This continues until your treatment ends, at which point you begin wearing your retainer.

Sharon’s Story
We sat down with CFast patient Sharon Ni Ici a few weeks after she had completed her treatment to find out how the experience was for her…

How did you first hear about CFast treatment?
After years of humming and hawing over getting braces on my bottom teeth, I initially sent the Smiles Twitter account a tweet about CFast treatment because I had wanted to mark my 30th birthday in a significant way. I initially thought that the results would be temporary, and would only last a few years, but Smiles Dental Twitter tweeted back and told me that the results are permanent. This spiked my interest straight away! I went in for a consultation and met my dentist Dan and after an assessment he told me I was suitable for CFast.

I decided to go for it. What money I would have spent on a birthday party, or holiday, I spent instead on my smile; something that was going to last a lot longer and for me, was a really significant way of marking a special birthday.

Do you think your teeth affected your personal confidence?
I had learned to smile using my top teeth only, covering my bottom teeth with my lower lip. Even last summer, just before I had my treatment, I spied some photographs that were taken of me chatting to someone (without me being aware at the time) and I was really put off by how my bottom teeth looked. My bottom teeth definitely made me more aware of my mouth and how I smiled in photographs, and I always felt that my smile was a bit ‘fake’ looking.

Braces were something I had wanted to get for years, but in my early teens another dentist at the time had told me a horror story of how I would need to have teeth removed and have braces for two years to straighten my smile! The thought of all that trouble and expense was really off-putting. C-Fast is not cheap, it’s an investment, but the payments are spread out over the course of treatment; so you pay when you have treatment, not in a lump at the start.

Sharon's before and after.

Sharon’s before and after.

Was the actual treatment process harder or easier than you thought it would be?
There was some discomfort initially. I’m going to lie! But thankfully, this was temporary. There are things to get used to, such as the foods you can eat and what foods might get stuck in the wires (pesto was a nightmare!). I would set aside 15 minutes in the morning and evening to floss, brush and rinse with mouthwash. It’s important to keep the wires as clean as you can.

After having the wires changed there was a bit of tension in my mouth for about 18-24 hours after but nothing massively noticeable. I missed popcorn and chewy food, but I got over it, it’s only six months and foods like toffee are bad for your teeth anyway!

Did wearing the CFast impact your life in any major way?
Apart from the initial discomfort for the first week or so, they were absolutely fine. I had spent the previous 29 years hiding my bottom teeth with my lip anyway, so having braces on them didn’t really make much of a difference to that. In fact most people only noticed them when I purposely showed them that I was wearing braces. They are discreet because they’re the colour of your teeth and so is the wire. I think that if you are conscious of how your teeth appear anyway (which I was), then having braces on them won’t make a massive difference to that. Whatever discomfort you feel either physically or socially is temporary when it comes to the braces- it only lasts for six months, which is actually really fast considering I had spent so many years unhappy with my smile.

If you would like to find out more about CFast or other orthodontic treatments, contact your local Smiles Dental clinic today.

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