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On 30 Dec 2012    

Improve the beauty and health of your smile with cosmetic dental treatment from Smiles Dental. If you have discoloured or decaying teeth, misaligned teeth with spaces and gaps or loose teeth the experienced team at Smiles Dental can help you. As we say at Smiles “The best face-lift and boost to your esteem is a beautiful smile.” If you are unhappy with the way your teeth look by the time you are finished with Smiles Dental you will love the way your teeth look!

Having a beautiful smile can brighten up your whole life, building up your self-esteem and make you more confident. At Smiles Dental we work with your natural smile and the shape of your face and jaw to create the perfect natural smile just for you. You may have cracked, chipped or broken teeth, we can fix these. We can make your teeth whiter, brighter and straighter!

At Smiles Dental we have a range of cosmetic dental treatments to choose from:


Crowns are porcelain or metal shaped sleeves that are used to cover the outer surface area of a tooth. They are primarily used to cover broken, fractured, discoloured or oddly shaped teeth. They can also be used to add a bridge, cover a dental implant or after root canal treatment.

Read more about dental crowns here:


A veneer is similar to a shell that covers the tooth surface to hide worn enamel, uneven alignment or to fix spacing, chips or cracks. Veneers are custom made from ceramic material and used to correct a range of dental problems and can greatly enhance your smile.

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Get the smile you always wanted with Smiles Dental.

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