Dental Implants Dublin

On 7 Oct 2016    

Dental Implants Dublin

At Smiles Dental, we offer a full range of dental treatments in our clinics and that includes dental implants. We have a handful of dedicated Smiles dentists who are trained in administering dental implants in Dublin. No matter where you’re located in the city, we’ve five different locations to suit. In short, we’ve got you covered.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a replacement for the root of a tooth. It is an artificial “tooth root” that is fixed into your jaw which is then covered with a crown to replace a missing tooth. Implants have changed the face of dentistry over the last 25 years, allowing tooth restoration procedures to be carried out safely and in a virtually pain-free manner. For more extensive details on the treatment, see our Dental Implants page.

Dental Implants in Dublin

Dental Implants in Dublin clinics:

The practices that offer dental implant placements are as follows:
  • South Anne Street: Dr Ali Afrasiabi administers this treatment at our city centre clinic, just off Grafton Street. Having studied dentistry in TCD and worked at Smiles since 2007, he is hugely experienced at placing dental implants and considers them a special interest of his.

To book an appointment at the South Anne Street practice, call 01 672 8938 or get in touch at
  • Waterloo Road: Dr Liam O Sullivan and Dr Dan Gruenfeld in our Ballsbridge clinic are both skilled and experienced in placing dental implants. Dan is an active member of the German Society for Implantology and has a particular interest in aesthetic and restorative dentistry. Dr Liam O’Sullivan has specialised in Dental Implantology itself, receiving a diploma from the Royal College of Surgeons London in the subject. Dr O’Sullivan is fascinated with the possibilities of using implants for restoring missing teeth, stating that “This emerging area of dentistry can provide solutions and aesthetic results that could only be dreamed of when I first qualified”.

To book an appointment at the Waterloo Road practice, call 01 614 0440 or get in touch at
  • O’Connell St: Dr Michael Koukoulis carries out dental implants in our busy Dublin 1 clinic. Dr Koukoulis has been with Smiles since 2005 and since his Postgraduate degree specialisation in Dental Implants from the University of Glasgow in 2006, he has had a keen interest in dental implant treatment.

To book an appointment at the O’Connell Street practice, call 01 507 9201 or get in touch at
  • Tallaght: Dr Joanna Szydlowska has been with Smiles Dental since 2007 and received her certificate in Implant Dentistry in 2007. She then enrolled on an MSC Course in Implantology from the University of Manchester, which she is now completing. Her special interest in Implantology has lead to many successful implant procedures and she’s hugely experienced at putting her patients at ease during this treatment.

To book an appointment at the Tallaght practice, call 01 427 2006 or get in touch at
  • Dundrum: Dr Philip Christie divides his time between the Dublin and Waterford clinic in administering implants. With over thirty years of experience in dentistry, he is hugely skilled at carrying out various dental treatments, with particular attention to selected implant cases.

To book an appointment at the Dundrum practice, call 01 525 0800 or get in touch at
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