Diet, Nutrition and Dental Health

On 30 Dec 2012    

Health eating is the corner stone for good living. A varied and balanced diet can help systemic health. By mixing food groups, eating five portions of fruit a day and ensuring that we consume (on average) 2 litres of water – we are reaching optimal nutritional intake for a balanced and healthy life style.

Coupled with this advice, our dental health is of the utmost importance. What we eat is determined by what we CAN eat!! If you have a strong healthy dentition, you are able to eat most food stuffs. Broken teeth, badly fitting dentures and spaces in the dental arch can lead to reduced choices for foodstuffs.

Also, by avoiding snacking between meals, it limits the capacity for acid erosion of our teeth. If we follow this advice and attend our dentist regularly for routine check-ups, we have the key to good dental health and the benefit of improved systemic health. If you are looking for a dental check-up visit Smiles Dental and make an appointment at a clinic near you.

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