Teeth Straightening at Smiles Dental Waterford

On 11 May 2016    

NEWS: Smiles Dental Waterford are now offering teeth straightening treatments Six Month Smiles, C-Fast and Invisalign!

A straight smile can change your world

Always dreamed of having a straighter smile? Conscious that summer 2016 is on its way and you want to look your absolute best?

That’s why we’re here.

We know that many adults have dreams of straightening up their smile, but don’t want to go to the trouble of getting braces fitted. They feel that their time for fixed braces has passed and that it’s something they should have done in their childhood or in their teenage years.

But did you know that there are quicker, almost invisible options available?

At Smiles Dental Waterford, we offer three orthodontic treatments that are specifically designed to give you a straighter smile quickly, discreetly and efficiently.


Invisalign is a teeth straightening treatment that is almost invisible to the naked eye, comfortable and discreet. This means that it fits directly into your lifestyle. Invisalign treatment consists of aligner trays, made of clear material, which are fitted over your teeth. Tailor-made to fit your mouth, they are changed every few weeks. This gradually moves your teeth into alignment. You can think of Invisalign as a type of teeth straightening retainer – except a lot less noticeable and more comfortable.

Teeth Straightening

Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles involves the use of a tooth-coloured clear brace that is virtually invisible and fitted to teeth to close gaps and move the front six-eight teeth into alignment. This results in a straighter smile in usually around six months. Unlike fixed braces, which require force be fitted into the mouth, Invisalign fits right into your busy lifestyle, ensuring that you feel comfortable as your smile undergoes discreet teeth correction.


Similar to Six Month Smiles, Cfast involves the use of tooth coloured brackets and wires to straighten the front six-eight teeth. Likewise, it is discreet and worn for a minimal amount of time in comparison to traditional braces.

Six Month Smiles, Cfast and Invisalign are designed to give you a straighter smile in no time at all. All treatments offer flexibility, discretion and comfort and are ultimately cost-effective options that offer quick results, when compared against traditional braces.

Talk to your Smiles Dental Waterford team about our teeth straightening options by calling 051 854 229 or emailing waterford@smiles.ie.

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