Students need to take care of their oral health

As a student, you’re entitled to a whole 10% off general dentistry at Smiles Dental! We know that student life means carefully watching your spending habits and living under a certain budget at all times. We also know that maintaining great dental care and ensuring you go for regular check-ups at your local Smiles Dental is crucial to staying in great oral health.

Making the choice now to start looking after your dental health, instead of postponing it, means that you’ll avoid painful and expensive procedures in the future. By constantly managing and reviewing your dental health, you can keep track of your progress, whether you need a minor treatment like a filling or something  more complex. Catching a possible problem prevents it from exacerbating and causing trouble later in life.

Find us nationwide

We have practices all over Ireland, so no matter whether you’re based on the northside, southside, city centre or outskirts, we’ve got you covered.

We offer extended opening hours, both weekend and weekday too, so if you need to see us – we’ll fit you in at a time that suits you.  Don’t worry about the financial side of it – all of our prices are 100% transparent, so you’ll stay totally informed and know exactly how much you’re going to pay each time you visit.

Student Discount

Just bring your ID for student discount

You don’t need to fill out any forms to access your student discount, so it’s pretty much effortless. All you need to bring is your student ID. This serves as proof that you’re studying in the local college, IT or university. Show this to your receptionist when you arrive at Smiles and they’ll apply the student discount to your fee when it comes to payment time.

Contact your local Smiles Dental to get more information about the student discount. Our friendly team will be happy to chat all about it.

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