Braces in Balbriggan: Inman Aligners arrive at Smiles Dental

On 26 Sep 2017    

Inman Aligners arrive in Balbriggan

Great news! Smiles Dental Balbriggan are now offering the incredible Inman Aligners!
Inman Aligners

What are Inman Aligners?

Put simply, Inman Aligners are a simple removable appliance used to align and straighten front teeth quickly, comfortably and safely.

How do they work?

Inman Aligners have a Nickel Titanium coil spring that powers two aligner bows that gently oppose each other. This gentle and subtle force guides your teeth into their new position.

How long does it take?

Treatment times vary from patient to patient, but typical cases are completed within 6 – 18 weeks. Your Smiles Dental dentist will give you a guide of what to expect.

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