Mouth Cancer Awareness

On 20 Jul 2013    

We are all sadly familiar with cancer, particularly with the common cancers: lung, breast, cervical, prostate and skin. Recent campaigns to combat cancer are proving effective such as cervical cancer screening and breast check. In 2009, there were 304 cases of cervical cancer found- but did you know in the same year there were 300 cases of oral/mouth cancer recorded? Mouth cancer occurs in areas such as the lip, tongue and floor of mouth. Early detection of oral cancer is vital and ultimately it saves lives.

Mouth Cancer AwarenessResearch suggests that smoking, high alcohol consumption and excessive sunlight can promote cancer, but together they work almost in unison. In 2010, survivors of mouth, head & neck cancers along with Dublin & Cork Dental Hospital and the Irish Cancer Society organised an Oral Cancer screening day – with free oral/mouth examinations by dentists to all who attended. Over 70 suspicious cases, 3 early cancers & 3 established cancers were found in Cork and Dublin alone.

Smiles Dental are supporting Mouth Cancer Awareness by providing a free screening from their 15 clinics nationwide. Dentists are often first in line for detection of mouth cancer. The examination is quick, painless and could save a life. Please visit for more information. Get involved, get checked out.

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