Pregnancy and Dentistry

On 10 Jul 2014    

Oral Health while pregnant
There are a lot of urban myths and half-truths about visiting the dentist when pregnant. Allow us to shed some light on the topic and give you some useful tips for maintaining your oral health while pregnant. And for additional info and advice always feel free to contact your local Smiles Dental clinic, we’ve got clinics all over the island of Ireland.

It’s even more important to look after your teeth and gums while you are pregnant because hormonal changes in your body can increase the risk of gum disease. Things that can affect your health, can also affect your baby’s health too. If possible, try to visit your local Smiles Dental clinic before becoming pregnant. This way your oral health can be fully accessed, and any potential problems can be addressed before you’re pregnant.

Tips and advice
– Dental treatments during the first trimester and second half of the third trimester should be avoided if possible.This is a very important time in the development of your baby and it’s best to avoid undertaking any treatments. Routine dental care treatments can be received during the second trimester but all elective procedures should be put off until after you’ve had your baby.

– Make sure your dentist is aware of any medications that you are taking. Including prenatal vitamins.

– It’s best to avoid getting X-rays while pregnant.

– Don’t skip your regular dental checkup just because you’re pregnant. It’s even more important now to maintain good oral health. While you’re pregnant hormonal changes in your body can make you more susceptible to periodontal (gum) disease. So keep a close eye on your gums, if they’re feeling sensitive, swelling or bleeding contact your Smiles dentist straight away.

– Stick to your regular oral health routine. Brush your teeth twice a day, for at least two minutes with fluoride toothpaste. Flossing is also important. We have created a simple daily routine for oral health that everyone can follow, check it out here.

– Avoid sugary foods and snacks while pregnant, they’re bad for your teeth and your baby. Try to keep a healthy balanced diet. Your baby’s first teeth begin to develop at around three months into pregnancy. Calcium rich foods such as cheese and yogurt will help your baby’s teeth to grow. After you’ve had your baby make an appointment with your Smiles dentist for a checkup to make sure everything is ok.

That’s it, pretty simple really. It’s easy to keep up good oral health while pregnant. We hope this blog helps and always feel free to call into one of our 18 clinics on the island of Ireland local Smiles Dental clinic if you’d like more advice.

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