Dental Hygiene

During a routine Scale and Polish at Smiles Dental, your hygienist will thoroughly clean all deposits and stains from teeth. They will scale away tartar build-up from tooth surfaces and polish your teeth using special dental instruments. You can feel tartar build up on the backs of your teeth with your tongue. After a professional clean, you will be able to feel ridges and valleys between each tooth. You will also get an extra-squeaky clean feeling afterwards.

What is a dental hygienist?

Dental hygienists work closely with the dentist to give advice and care in the area of oral health. They are particularly concerned with gum health and preventative measures to ensure great oral health.

Your hygienist will offer instructions for your oral care based on the results of your dental exam. Improvements to your daily routine and regular visits for a scale and polish can prevent signs of decay and gum disease. It can also make a big difference to your oral hygiene and dental health. Your dental hygienist is a valuable resource and can provide targeted and specific dental hygiene treatment, tailored to you and your family. They can also offer advice in the areas such as smoking cessation, diet and halitosis(bad breath), amongst others. Just ask your local Smiles Dental for more information.

Does it hurt?

This is a common question at Smiles Dental. Your hygienist treatment should be totally pain-free. However, some patients are more sensitive than others, so if you feel any discomfort – your hygienist can apply an anaesthetic cream.

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