Dental benefits

Smiles Dental will help you to get the full benefit of all your dental entitlements. Simply read below, or ask any of our front desk team how we can help save you money.

If you are currently employed and paying PRSI

You may be entitled to certain treatments, which the government will pay for on your behalf. The rules are very straight forward and you can test your eligibility and find out what entitlements you may have at

If you are a holder of a valid Medical Card

There are certain dental treatments provided for you by the state if you are a holder of a valid medical card and are over 16 years of age. The treatments available are as follows:

  • One Dental Exam per year
  • Two Fillings per year (when approved by the HSE)
  • Initial Root Canal Treatments (only specific teeth are covered. Please speak to your Smiles Dental team for more information)
  • Extractions (excluding cases referred to an Oral Surgeon)

  • For more information please go to

    Also, a number of specialised dental treatments qualify for tax relief. This means that you can offset the full cost of the treatment against your income tax liability. This is done by filling in a Med 2 form, which, when treatment is completed, our dentist will sign and submit on your behalf.

    Treatments covered by the Med 2 include:
    • Orthodontics
    • Bridges
    • Crowns
    • Veneers
    • Root canal treatment
    • Periodontal treatment
    • Surgical extraction of a Wisdom Tooth

    For more information on dental benefits, please go to

    Dental Insurance is a form of dental benefit that is becoming very popular both as an employee benefit arranged through the workplace or purchased individually directly from DeCare Dental. DeCare’s Healthy Smiles range of plans all provide 100% immediate cover for two dental exams, two dental cleanings and necessary X-rays each year, along with one emergency dental treatment per year. You can then choose to add up to 70% cover for treatments such as fillings, extractions, sealants and space maintainers for kids. Cover up to 60% is available for root canals and crowns. Cover is also available for orthodontics and more. For more information about
    DeCare Dental and their plans visit

    DeCare’s plans are comprehensive, covering up to 100 of the most common procedures in dentistry that are scientifically proven to be effective and contribute to good oral health. DeCare places great emphasis on promoting good oral health and in involved in a wide range of activities helping individuals and communities to improve and protect their oral health. DeCare Dental is a long established Dental Insurer and underwriter with over 50 years’ experience in the dental industry.

    DeCare Dental members can avail of the services and special offers at the Smiles Dental network of clinics across Ireland.
    DeCare operates a Direct Payment system with competitive rates for covered services at Smiles clinics for all its eligible members. DeCare pays Smiles Dental directly for covered dental services and the member pays only the relevant co-payment that applies to their dental plan.