Periodontics is the branch of dentistry concerned with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the supporting and surrounding tissues of the teeth. Periodontal literally means “around the tooth”. Periodontal diseases are gum infections caused by bacteria (plaque) that destroy the gums and supporting bone that hold your teeth in your mouth.

Your Smiles dentist will assess your need for periodontal surgery based on the results of a comprehensive examination.

You may need a periodontist in the following cases:
  • Gums are red and swollen
  • Bleeding gums while brushing or flossing
  • If you suffer from bad breath or halitosis
  • Loosening or spacing of the teeth
  • Placement and maintenance of dental implants.

If you need more information on periodontic treatment, please contact your local Smiles Dental clinic. To find out more about treatments available and price lists please click here.