Hi I just want to write to you with regards to my most recent experience with you guys on Sat the 7th of November in Tallaght. John lynch was my dentist and I can’t sing this man’s praises enough, like most people I dread dentists and to make it worse last time I went for a check up John informed me I needed a root canal well to say I was devastated,nervous & sick is and understatement but I’m flying to new York next week and John advised me it could easily flair up at any time. So I bit the bullet and decided to get it done so he booked me in for a week in a half from that day. I spent the next 9 days googling root canals and horror story’s of people who had them done and no matter how many times I said to myself stop looking it up I couldn’t help myself and kept looking finding bad story after bad story. I started to have 2nd thoughts saying to myself will I get this done after all this tooth isn’t paining me at all but I was told by 3 different dentists I needed a root canal and I couldn’t bare the thought of been in new York and getting a toothache.

I’m rambling now so I’m going to discuss the procedure now . So I went in to the procedure with sweaty palms & every butterfly in Ireland in my stomach and thinking the worst I went in sat down and from start to finish experienced no pain at all John knew I was nervous so talked me through the procedure and said I might experience slight pain because it was badly decayed but day 4 now and no pain. I wanted to write this review firstly because I think John done a fantastic job and deserves recognition for the job he did & 2nd, because I wanted people to know that there are some good experiences out there I have told all my family & friends and couldn’t recommend John and smiles tallaght anymore. P.Gibbons.