Blogger Anouska Proetta Brandon gets Zoom Whitening treatment at Smiles Dental!

On 2 Aug 2016    

We’ve had such an exciting July. We launched the amazing Zoom Whitening treatment across our practices. Zoom is famous for making teeth up to six shades whiter in just one hour!

This month, celebrated Irish blogger Anouska Proetta Brandon visited Smiles Dental to see if Zoom is all it’s cracked up to be. Spoiler alert – it is! We were so excited to welcome Anouska into Smiles Dental Dundrum – right beside Dundrum Shopping centre. She first visited the team to ensure her suitability for Zoom and followed up with the effective teeth whitening treatment just a few days later.

Anouska Proetta Brandon gets her impressions taken

Visit one. Anouska is scheduled to meet our Dentist Ameerah Fakim in Smiles Dental Dundrum. An experienced friendly dentist, Dr.Fakim needs to first make sure that Anouska is suitable for the teeth whitening treatment before proceeding. We will never give whitening treatment without making sure that it is 100% safe to do so first.

Anouska arrived, bubbly and super-friendly, greeted the whole team and before she was seen by Dr.Fakim. Dr. Fakim made a comprehensive examination of Anouska’s teeth to begin with.

Once it was confirmed Anouska was suitable for the treatment, it was time to take the impressions for the whitening trays. These are trays that are custom-made to fit a patient’s mouth, so one can top up at home with whitening gel.

The process was over in under an hour and Anouska was scheduled for her second visit for Zoom Whitening a few short days later.

Anouska Proetta BrandonAnouska Proetta Brandon

Zoom Whitening Treatment is underway

 Zoom Whitening treatment began a few days later – Anouska arrived, fresh-faced and ready to get started. Dr.Fakim explained the whole procedure in depth to Anouska and the surface of her teeth and gums were prepped ahead of the Zoom treatment. Within just twenty minutes, Anouska saw great results – check out her Instagram post to see just how white and bright her teeth are already!

We’re absolutely delighted to be providing Anouska with Zoom Whitening treatment at Smiles Dental Dundrum and we can’t wait to see the final results!

Keep an eye on Anouska’s blog to hear from the lady herself how she got on with Zoom Whitening treatment at Smiles Dental.

Anouska Proetta Brandon

Get Zoom today!

If dazzling white teeth sounds good to you, give your local Smiles Dental a call and book your Zoom Whitening today. For €350 you’ll get a dental exam, Zoom treatment and take home top-ups! #Bargain!

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