Dental Fillings: The Next Generation

On 17 Jun 2014    

Is it time to say goodbye to the dreaded dentist’s drill? News out of London recently suggests it may be!

A few weeks ago it was revealed that Harvard scientists had found a way of using specific lasers to help regrow dentin lost due to tooth decay. The concept is still being developed, but it is potentially revolutionary for the field of dentistry in Ireland and the rest of the world. Now, just weeks later another scientific game-changer involving dental fillings has emerged, this time from London.

An entirely new approach to repairing damaged teeth is being developed at King’s College, London. Electrically Accelerated and Enhanced Remineralisation (EAER) accelerates the movement of calcium and phosphate in damaged teeth, which fills in the cavity caused by tooth decay. This new technique claims to be entirely pain-free and does not involve any drilling or injections! Which is very good news for any nervous patients out there.

How does it work?

Usually tooth decay is removed with drilling and then the cavity is filled with special materials such as amalgam or composite resin. The EAER method works by preparing the area of damaged enamel on the tooth and then, using a small electrical current, it pushes minerals onto the damaged area to repair it. EAER would not only be kinder to the patient i.e. no pain, but it’s looking like it won’t be much more expensive than the traditional filling method too. EAER could also potentially be used to whiten teeth.

A company in Scotland is currently looking into commercializing EAER and it’s hoped that it could be rolled out within three years. Traditional fillings are still the most popular method and at Smiles Dental we take every step to ensure our patients are as comfortable as possible. Rest assured, if there are technological innovations being made in dentistry, Smiles Dental will be at the fore of providing new and improved treatments to our patients.

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