Free Dental Care with at South Anne Street

On 20 Jul 2016    

Entitled to free dental care? Perhaps you’re a medical card holder who knows it’s just about time they took care of their dental health?

We’ve great news for you. We accept medical card patients at Smiles Dental South Anne Street and welcome all holders into our friendly clinic.

Free Dental Care at South Anne Street

If you’re a medical card holder, then you could be entitled to free dental care. Cardholders are entitled to:

  • One free dental exam per year
  • Root Canal treatment (initial)
  • Tooth extraction treatments
  • Two fillings

For a full list of what you may be entitled to, check out the HSE website for details.

Free Dental Care

Why choose Smiles Dental South Anne Street?

We’re the very first Smiles Dental to open in Ireland in 2005. From this, we’ve preened and perfected our knowledge and are lead by an experienced, skilled and patient-focused team. Providing quality dental care to our new and old patients is our number-one priority.

We also have:

  • Late opening hours
  • Student and corporate discounts of 10%
  • A full range of dental treatments
  • Transparent pricing

You can have confidence in us that you’ll receive the quality dental care that you deserve.

In employment and paying PRSI?

You too could be entitled to free dental care at South Anne Street. If you’re paying PRSI on a regular basis, then you might just be due a free dental exam.

This is the ideal opportunity to start getting your dental health in check with a cost-free dental exam. Having a healthy, vibrant smile can increase your confidence in yourself, your career and your social life and have a direct impact on the course of your life as a result.

Just call the team on 01 672 8938 with your PPS number and they’ll cross-check online what you’re entitled to.

Call the South Anne Street team on 01 672 8938 or email for more information.

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