Dental Health Education

Dental health education at school and at home is where great habits begin and are maintained. We believe that learning about dental health and committing to a good oral health routine is central to a pupil’s education. It sets them up for their future, as an adult and ensures that they keep up these excellent health habits for the rest of their life.
Dental Health Education

Are you a teacher and need more info on dental health?

We’ve got lots of information online at Smiles Dental. Read all about the importance of oral hygiene for kids here. Also check out our downloadable area for informative leaflets and exercises that you can do in the classroom, or use at workshops, fairs and exhibitions for your school.

Fancy some downloadable content for classroom fun?

This is the perfect place to start. Making looking after your teeth a fun and informative pursuit can lead to long-lasting habits and positive associations with dental health care. We’ve got materials for you to print out and complete in class in our Fun Downloads zone.
Dental Health Education

Smiles Dental can give talks to kids and parents too

We’d love you to get in touch. We make it our mission to spread the good word about great oral health. Armed with lots of leaflets and fun stuff for the kids to enjoy, one of our dental nurses or teams can pop in and have an informal chat with your pupils. If your nearest Smiles Dental is a little far away for a visit, then feel free to download some of our informative leaflets and fun exercises to teach the kids about great oral health.

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