Fun Downloads

Welcome to our Fun Downloads Zone! Here you’ll find games, funny facts, a Teeth Brushing Chart and a special certificate for boys and girls who have been brave and visited the dentist. All of these materials are completely free, just click on the item you want and then download and print – simple. Children’s oral health education is so important and we hope this inspires you to speak to your child about the importance of oral health.

  • Colour Me InFun DownloadsMake everything as colourful as the Fang-Gang, see if you can keep inside the lines.Download & Print PDF
  • Find your way to a happier smileFun DownloadsStarting at the center, find your way out of these little mini-mazes to a happier smile.Download & Print PDF
  • Crazy teeth facts for kidsFun DownloadsElephant tusks are the longest teeth in the world! They can weigh over 400 pounds – wow that’s heavy!Download & Print PDF
  • Join the dotsFun DownloadsStart at number 1 and make your way all the way up to 50, to complete the picture.Download & Print PDF
  • Brushing chartFun DownloadsTick each circle every time you brush your teeth. That’s one point for each brush. Keep track of…Download & Print PDF
  • Kids Corner CertificateFun Downloads“Kids Corner Certificate” is a special Certificate for brave children who visit the Dentist.
    Download & Print PDF