Medical Card Patients in Balbriggan!

On 27 May 2016    

Smiles Dental Balbriggan taking Medical Card Patients!

Great news for people living in Balbriggan! Smiles Dental Balbriggan is accepting Medical Card patients! So if you have a Medical Card you could be entitled to free dental care (Terms and conditions apply).
We are seriously passionate about patient care at Smiles Dental – so let us help you get the bright and healthy smile that you deserve.

What am I entitled to?

• One Dental Exam per year
• Initial Root Canal Treatment
• Two fillings per year
Tooth extractions

For a full list and explanation of what dental benefits you’re entitled to check out the HSE website.

Why choose Smiles Dental Balbriggan?

• Exceptional patient care
• Honest and affordable prices
• Longer opening hours
• Full range of dental treatments
• Private, PRSI and Medical Card patients welcome

Paying PRSI?

If you’re paying PRSI you could be entitled to a free Dental Exam. This is still relatively unknown in Ireland – over two million people here are paying PRSI, yet not many people know that this entitles them to a free Dental Exam!

To find out if you can get your free Dental Exam just call your nearest Smiles Dental practice number and have your PPS number handy – we can check for you and then book your appointment! Easy.

Book your appointment

Practice Manager Donna and her team are standing by to take your appointment. Get in touch on 01 905 3850 or email

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