Welcome to the Kid’s Corner at Smiles Dental!

On 24 May 2016    

Welcome to the launch of the Kid’s Corner at Smiles Dental!

Need advice on how to look after your child? Maybe you’re an educator and you’d like to make use of our free educational resources for lesson planning? You’ve come to the right place. 

The Kid’s Corner

We decided to launch a new section on site to help our patients, parents and educators, to teach their little ones exactly how to look after their teeth properly.

Instilling the right habits and associations with the dentist at a young age means they’ll have healthier gums now and for the future. As adults, they’ll know exactly how important maintaining great oral health is. And as parents and teachers, you can be satisfied in the knowledge that you’re doing an excellent job of preparing them for a healthy adult life.Kid's Corner

Educate the right way

We believe that learning about maintaining a great oral health routine is central to a pupil’s education. Excellent habits are learned and preened at home and in school. Reinforcing this by planning lessons around the subject and by using our free downloadable resources, means you’ll be teaching them indispensable habits about taking care of their health in adulthood.

Tips for Parents

Parents are integral to a child’s education and experience of health and brushing their teeth. As such, there are lots of things you can do to encourage brushing and to form positive associations in your child’s mind, when they think of the dentist.

From limiting sugar to taking them for regular check-ups, we have lots of useful tips in our Kid’s Corner to exclusively help parents become more informed and stay informed.

fanga gang

Downloads, Games and Fun

Here’s the fun part. At the Kid’s Corner, you can get downloadable games, puzzles and fun stuff to print out and have your child complete at home or in school. Just click on the icon, download it directly as a PDF to your computer and press print – that’s it!

Make learning about dental care fun and introduce them to our memorable Fang Gang. They’ve buddies in the Fang Gang who have to look after their teeth too.

For more questions about the Kid’s Corner, or to book your child in for a check-up, get in touch with your nearest Smiles.

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