I have Fractured or Lost my Tooth what should I do?

On 27 Aug 2013    

If you have an accident where you break/fracture or lose a tooth, again you should contact a dentist straight away, to get the next available emergency appointment. A fractured tooth can be quite simply fixed with a composite (white) filling. In more difficult instances where the fracture is below the gum line you may need to have a crown or in the case of trauma where the nerve is damaged you may also need root canal treatment. Did you know, if your tooth completely comes out, in some cases if the tooth is put back into the gum immediately after loss, it can be saved. Don’t be afraid to put the tooth back in yourself. Roll up some kitchen roll and bite down keeping pressure on the tooth until you see the dentist. If the tooth can be saved we will use a small splint to hold the tooth in place, frequently accessing the tooth for damage/trauma.