Cfast is a quick and gentle cosmetic treatment designed to straighten your teeth in just six months. Cfast treatment is suitable for those who have crowding or misalignment issues with their front teeth and want a fast, non-invasive solution. It focuses on the front four to six teeth, also known as the “social six”. In short, these are the front teeth on the top and the bottom that leave the most noticeable impression of our smile.

What exactly does Cfast treatment involve?

Using tooth-coloured nickel-titanium wires and brackets, the brace straightens teeth in usually just six months, with minimal discomfort and cost-effective, efficient correction. It exerts exactly the right amount of force to do so, yet remains ultimately discreet. You can eat and drink as normal with the brace and it’s comfortable to wear.

Once the treatment is complete, the use of a retainer for a specified time is advised to keep your smile in check.


Benefits of Cfast

  • Fast: Treatment is usually just around six months, so it will be complete before you know it. It’s a fraction of the time of traditional fixed braces.
  • Discretion: The wires used in the brace are specifically tooth-coloured to ensure the fixture is as invisible as possible. If you’re worried about the aesthetic impact of a brace or that it may appear unsightly, Cfast treatment alleviates this fear.
  • Cost: Compared to traditional fixed braces, Cfast is cost-effective and usually cheaper.
  • Confidence: As with any teeth straightening treatment, the results of having a straighter, more confident smile are immeasurable. You feel happier. Healthier. More confident about smiling and you lose the self-consciousness that came before. This can lead to greater success and motivation in a number of areas in your life, from the workplace to your social life.
  • Aftercare: Aftercare is made simple, you’ll be provided with a custom-made retainer on completion of the treatment. It couldn’t be more straightforward.
Cfast treatment is available at Smiles Dental Waterford, Waterloo Road, Bray, Dundrum, O’Connell Street and Cork. Talk to our Smiles teams there – they’ll be happy to give you more advice on the treatment.

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