Cat Scanner I- CAT and 3D Imaging - Gate Dental Clinic Galway

Cat Scanner I- CAT and 3D Imaging

We have the first I-Cat in Europe of a new generation of ‘volume’ scanner

The Cat Scan may be used for investigation of: Dental Implants. Looking at cross sections of the bone to plan the precise placement of implants. This allows us a pre-surgical assessment to optimise the parameters of:

  • Presence of any pathologies
  • Length of proposed implant
  • Depth of proposed implant
  • Diameter of proposed implant
  • Orientation of proposed implant
  • Presence of other vital structures (nerves, sinuses etc)
  • Adaptation to the planned restoration

This information can then be used by the surgeon to facilitate your treatment plan.

Dental Infections requiring root canal therapy

The I-Cat will show any infections and define the extent of the infection and morphology of the roots.

Orthodontic assessment

We can determine the precise position of un-erupted teeth and how they relate to each other and the bone structure.

Oral Surgery

Wisdom tooth assessment and surgical procedures will have increased safety. Look before you leap.