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Cerec Technology (Ceramic Restoration Construction)

As the first practice in Ireland to incorporate the Cerec system, we’ve been using it in the practice now since 2001.

Using a small “camera” to take an optical impression of your tooth or cavity, we can now design the new restoration on the computer, cut it out of a solid block of matching porcelain and fit it in the same visit. With the advantages of final restoration in one visit that means only one anesthetic, no temporary, reduced need for putty impressions and tooth coloured ceramic restoration. This technique can be used to provide white fillings, inlays, onlays, crowns, and veneers which are both aesthetically pleasing and have a proven prognosis. With this increasing computer sophistication we can now use a miniature infrared camera to take images of your teeth and design and manufacture your restorations in one visit.

What can we do with Cerec: one visit techniques

Fillings, Crowns and Veneers, Bridges, Implant restorations

As the first practice in Ireland to offer this facility, and with the International Trainers Certificate, we are able to offer this service as part of our normal working day. Restoration of either an old filling or a new filling presents the dentist and patient with choices and decisions. Nowadays we still have the choice of amalgam (silver/ mercury), composite (glass filler and paste), gold fillings or porcelain. Although we offer all the above materials, increasingly we look to advantages of porcelain restorations fabricated using the Cerec 3D system.

These have many advantages

  • The porcelain is bonded to the tooth structure. This allows for a conservative preparation preserving as much tooth structure as possible
  • The material can be matched to the tooth colour and has a natural translucency that mimics enamel
  • It has wear characteristics similar to natural enamel. It will not have adverse effects on the opposing teeth and will age at a similar rate as the tooth around it
  • It can be completed usually in one visit
  • One aesthetic
  • No temporary restoration required
  • No impressions needed
  • High polish and material stability with good gum health
  • Long term monitoring. X-rays will pass through the porcelain but the cement will show up as a bright line. This can easily be monitored at later check ups

Failing Amalgam to Cerec Inlay Photos: