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Dental Crowns and Veneers

A Dental Crown is a 360 degree thimble of porcelain that slips over the remaining tooth or onto a dental implant post (abutment). A Veneer is a thin slip of porcelain or a crown that does not wrap 360 degrees around a tooth. We normally make them with the same material and cement them with the same bonding technique. They both take the same time to do.

Dental Crowns

Front crowns can be used to restore a tooth that has been heavily filled or broken. However we still need to be able to see adequate tooth to be able to grip to. If you have broken a tooth and enough of the tooth remains you may be able to save the tooth with a crown. On front teeth we can use crowns to change the shape and colour of the teeth and keep you smiling.

Great care will be paid to the detailed preparation of the tooth. We use magnification and operating microscopes fitted in every surgery. Your dentist can see the detail of the design up to 20 times magnification to give our best finish to the preparation and the final result.

Crowns may be made of many materials, gold, metal (all sorts) and porcelain, or all porcelain. However each of these materials may be made in different ways with different materials. By using the best of the ever evolving materials we can maximise your chance of success.

We want the crown to:

  • Look like a real tooth
  • The colour should blend from tip to toe with the neighboring teeth
  • The shape of the crown should be that of a real tooth to blend with the opposing teeth, the gums, the front surface and texture
  • The translucency and charaterisation of the colours should be such as to appear realistic
  • Have no black lines at the edges
  • Perform like a real tooth
  • You should be able to eat normally and clean your teeth normally

Withe the Cerec system we can make most of our crowns in one visit. Crowns may also be recommended on teeth that have been root treated. This is to protect and strengthen the root and prevent fracture of the tooth.


A Dental Veneer or “laminate” is a crown which does not go all the way round the tooth. Usually veneers are used to change the shape and or colour of the teeth and preserve as much tooth structure as possible. This allows us to keep as much of the natural tooth as possible. We make these with same material and techniques and technology (Cerec) as the crowns, and cement them exactly the same way also.

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