Meet the Dental Team at Gate Dental Clinic Galway

Meet the Dental Team Gate Dental Clinic Galway

A first-class service from our approachable team of dental professionals, in a high-end practice in Galway.

Dr Paul Moore BDS, Clinical Director at Gate Dental Clinic, Galway

Clinical Director at Gate Dental Clinic, Galway.

Qualified in 1981 in Sheffield, Dr Moore ran a private dental practice in North Devon for 15 years, and moved to Ireland in 1997. Originally founded by Dr Gerry Meehan, the practice was well established when Dr Moore moved to Galway in 1999. Then after four years the practice relocated to Gate Clinic and by merging a combination of personal service and advanced technology, merged the personal values of an old practice with the modern services of the new.

The spacious cheerful practice gives a warm reception to all patients, and reflects Dr Moore’s philosophy: Do it Once and Do it Well.

Irish Dental Association.
Irish Association of Aesthetic Dentistry.
Association of Dental Implantology.
International Congress of Oral Implantologists.
Irish Society of Computerised Dentistry (Founder Member).
Trainer for the International Society of Computerised Dentistry.

Dental Surgeon at Gate Dental Clinic, Galway

Dr Ian. J. Wellings has 15 years of clinical experience in Oral Implantology. While working in German private practice in the late 1980s, he decided to seek education in the then new field of Oral Implantology and attended the Second Maxi Course at the Medical College Georgia USA and subsequently passed the written examination for the Associate Fellowship of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. Ian and his wife Linda offer a surgical service with intravenous sedation for implant placement and wisdom teeth extraction within the practice. In 1998 he met Dr Hilt Tatum. Since then Dr Tatum has been his teacher and mentor. They have spent many hundreds of clinical hours together both in Florida and in the UK. As a member of the faculty of the Tatum Institute, he has clinical teaching experience and has made presentations to the students as well as to the Yorkshire section of the Association of Dental Implantology. Specialisation in modern dentistry allows us to offer a standard of dental care to meet international standards.

“Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence therefore is not an act but a habit.”
Aristotle 284-322BC

Dental Surgeon at Gate Dental Clinic, Galway

Brian is a highly experienced and accomplished General Dental Practitioner. He qualified from the University of Wales College of Medicine in 2000. After a few years of hospital appointments and NHS Dentistry in Cardiff he moved to Bristol where he started his career in private dental practice. This led him to work in several private practices throughout Europe before settling in Ireland. His expertise includes root canal treatment, Crown & bridgework, implants, difficult teeth extractions including third molar removal and treatment of the dental phobic patient including young children.

Hygienist at Gate Dental Clinic, Galway

Blaithin has 27 years of experience as a Dental Hygienist having qualified in 1990. She joined this practice in 1991 and has been caring for her patients since then with compassion and kindness. Blaithin is dedicated to providing the best care to her patients. In 2014 Blaithin’s patients nominated her for Colgate’s Hygienist of the Year Award!

Blaithin tells us that looking after her lovely patients is the best part of her day!

Hygienist at Gate Dental Clinic, Galway

Claire joined the practice in 2016 bringing with her vast knowledge and experience of all aspects of oral health.

Claire has had a very smooth transition into the team here and is very highly thought of by her patients and all the staff in the practice. Claire is very proactive with promoting oral health and attends many talks and seminars throughout the country.

Claire has great experience in working with young children and is keen to help improve the oral health of our next generation.

Lead Nurse at Gate Dental Clinic, Galway

Patricia joined this practice in 1983 under the strong guidance of Dr Gerry Meehan. When in 1999 Dr Paul Moore took over the practice he relied on Patricia’s knowledge and dedicated care towards our patients to help build the “Award Winning Practice” we have today.

Patricia is a natural leader, she guides and trains her team to the standard of excellence that is required in dentistry today.

Patricia is a shining light in the clinic, always happy and smiling, she has a twinkle in her eye that indicates to her sense of fun and wicked sense of humour.

Dental Nurse at Gate Dental Clinic, Galway

Geraldine joined this practice in June 1982 and has such a great understanding of her patients. Her knowledge is invaluable and she does the job with such grace that she makes it all look so easy. Nothing is ever a problem to her.

Geraldine always has a smile and kind word with both patients and staff in the clinic.

Dental Nurse at Gate Dental Clinic, Galway

Stephanie is with the practice since 2012 working closely with both Hygienists and Dentists, Steph can turn her hand to any duty within the clinic and works efficiently and effectively in both our Lab and the Dental Surgery.

Stephanie has a very genuine and lovely nature that has endeared her to both patients and staff.

Lead Receptionist, Gate Dental Clinic, Galway

Claire joined the practice in 1995 and is well known and loved by all of our patients. She knows each patient by name and all their wishes and needs. Claire’s organisational skills and attention to detail have been a huge asset to the practice, she is the life and soul of the front desk.

Claire loves to support Chelsea Football and attends many of their games but only on the promise of a nice dinner and west-end show!

Jeannis is a newly qualified dental nurse from Athlone IT and joined the practice on October 1st 2018. She has settled in well with all the team and is enjoying learning about all the specialized treatments we do and the technology we use.

Jeannis has a beautiful singing voice and sings in a local church choir in her spare time.

Receptionist, Gate Dental Clinic, Galway

Jean joined Gate Dental clinic in 2014 and works effortlessly alongside Claire. Her bubbly personality shines through in every aspect of her work whether she is on the phone reassuring patients or speaking to them at the desk. As we all know attending the dentist can be a stressful time so having a lady like Jean to calm and relax them with a smile, and sometimes a nice cup of tea, makes all the difference.

Jean loves spending time with her family and is a huge Galway supporter although this can at times be tricky with a Mayo man in the house!!

Louise is Practice Manager of Gate Dental Clinic. Louise has worked in the Smiles Dental Group since 2008 firstly as Practice manager in our Middle St practice in Galway and then as Field Support Manager responsible for eight of our dental practices across the country. Louise took the position as Practice Manager in The Gate Dental clinic in June 2017 and is excited to be part of this unique practice.