Snap Fastener Denture and Bar Retained Bridge Solutions

When the option of a denture is not enough to meet your needs, one solution is to combine the denture with two or four dental implants.

Snap Fastener Option

This can be done quite nicely on the lower arch especially, because the bone in the mandible is usually of good quality for dental implants. This concept still allows for removal of the denture for cleaning. Many patients find that this is enough to enhance their denture and make it manageable. The placement of two implants and fitting of two snap fasteners allows you lower denture to “click” onto the implants. This holds the denture firmly and gives better grip, retention and stability.

Fixed Bridge Option

With four implants on the lower jaw or six on the upper, you can lock a fixed bridge made completely of high quality porcelain.

Removable Bridge Option

In some cases we prefer to recommend a removable/fixed bridge. This is locked onto the implants all day and night but can be removed for easy cleaning once a day.

Dental Implant Denture Options

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