Overdenture - Gate Dental Clinic Galway


Not everyone is comfortable with full plastic denture.

The fit can only be as good as the shape of the gums. If there is insufficient gums there will be inadequate grip. The easiest way to better this, is to place dental implants to snap or fit the dentures onto two or four or six dental implants. We will assess and advise you what will work for you.


  • Improved quality of life
  • Improved ability to chew food
  • No need for messy dental adhesives
  • Implants are taken care of just like natural teeth
  • Enhanced appearance and comfort
  • Helps to prevent bone resorption therefore preserving natural contours
  • Better health with improved chewing. This therefore aids digestion of a wider range of foods and the benefits the improved diet brings with it. See also Dental Implants for further solutions.