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Full Dentures

If you are losing the remainder of your teeth and you have chosen to replace them with a full denture, the initial denture will be fitted the same day that you remove the last teeth.

Over the next weeks and months you will adapt to the new replacement teeth and our task is to help you cope and learn to use your new teeth and keep the fit as effective as possible. As the gums heal and the remaining ridges change shape, so too will the fit of the denture deteriorate and we can “top up” your denture with a temporary soft lining as required. After between six to twelve months, the gums will have settled and you will need a second denture.

Six to twelve months later making your second denture allows us the chance to maximise your appearance, the grip and the comfort of your new teeth. We want you to feel the benefit every day, every week and every month. We will do everything we can to maximise your chances of success.

What makes a great denture?

Our aims are to use all our experience to make your experience as comfortable and successful as possible.

Technique: Impressions will be taken with customised trays to ensure we faithfully capture a record of the soft tissue and muscles to which your denture fitting surface must fit. Recording and replicating the natural biting patterns to provide a comfortable function.

Materials: using the best acrylic polymers and the best teeth will give the denture the best appearance, strength and polish-ability.

Technicians: Making the best denture fit and function and appear like real teeth is a science and an art. We have selected the best master technicians we can find and have worked with them for over twenty years, building up a team with skill-sets to create teeth that look like teeth and gums that look like gums.

Appearance: With attention to detail at all stages, The aim of our team is to give you a smile that looks like natural teeth and real gums. Ask about our “Real-Life” dentures

After care and advice: As important as the making of your denture is the assurance that you can have that any refinements will be made to ensure success. Once your denture if fitted we will refine and adjust your denture to best suit your needs and maximise your chances of success and comfort.

Real Life Denture By Dr Paul Moore

Real Life Denture By Dr Paul Moore - Gate Dental Clinic Galway