Bone Grafts Sinus Grafts

Dental Implants need enough bone in the right place to put an adequately sized implant where it is needed and have enough support for the tooth or bridge that is planned.

If you do not have enough bone we may need to give you more bone. With advances on modern techniques, with the correct case selection this is now quite predicable. If further bone is required this may be added at the time of implant placement or sometimes must be completed before the implant is placed.

Dr Wellings will place the bone graft under sedation. There are many sorts of graft material that we can use, but your own blood supply will infuse into the graft and your own cells will use the graft as a scaffolding to build your own new bone structure to replace the graft! A sinus graft is a particular technique where Dr Wellings will create a small window in the thin bone beside the top back teeth. inside the hollow of your sinus (cheek bone) there is a thin membrane, a little like that found under an egg shell. Gently this is lifted and the bone substitute is placed into the newly created space between the membrane and the sinus. The window is closed and after six months the graft is converted into your own bone. This allow the dentist to then place bigger and better implants to support your crowns, your denture or bridgework. Mechanically this increased support will increase the load distribution and contribute to a greater chance of success.

Bone Grafts & Sinus Grafts at Gate Dental Clinic Galway