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Partial Dentures Galway

Although acrylic (plastic) dentures are always an initial option and often chosen following the loss of teeth, we would always recommend “chrome cobalt” dentures.

Chrome Cobalt is a thin, light and strong hygienic alloy, silver in colour.

  • They grip the remaining teeth better to give improved function when eating and talking. The thin metal clasps are individually designed to engage the undercuts of the supporting teeth. These clasps can be made of silver or gold.
  • They will usually cover only a fraction of the roof of the mouth compared with the acrylic option which covers the whole of the palate.
  • They are light, slim and hygienic.
  • They can often be added to, if a further tooth fails.
  • They can be combined with precision attachments, crowns and dental implants in more advanced cases to increase retention further and eliminate the need for metal clasps.

Attention to detail is the key to success. Using double impression techniques with customised impression trays to give precise details we cast the models up here in our own laboratory and work with our master technician on the required stages:

1. Initial impressions.
2. Second impressions in custom trays and denture design.
3. Metal frame fit check, tooth selection and bite determination.
4. Final try-in and patient approval of colour, shape of teeth and comfort.
5. Final fit.
6. Follow up and aftercare.