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Teeth Whitening

There are many patient who ask if they can have a brighter smile.

If your teeth and gums are healthy it is really quite a simple and safe technique that we have been using for 35 years – and it works.

Your dentist can use a gel (carbamide peroxide) which releases hydrogen peroxide to 6% concentration maximum. This changes the colour of your teeth slowly and surely. The colour change is actually in the enamel of your teeth, the roots of your teeth are made of dentin and will not change colour. Therefore this technique works better on a patient with younger teeth as the enamel of a patient gets thinner as they get older and time, wear and tear and diet, thins the natural enamel. It will work better on a twenty year old than a 70 year old!

Every patient is unique

The colour of your teeth also depends on the ratio of thickness of your enamel and dentine. As you grow older the dentine beneath the enamel continues to develop and thickens with time as the nerve tissue recedes. This darker dentine will shine through the thinner enamel. This is why a child’s teeth are usually lighter than the mother’s and the grandmother’s teeth. Note that fillings and crowns will not change colour. The active gel will neither work through plaque.

At Gate clinic Smiles Dental we use professionally made vacuum formed trays (they look like thin mouth guards) made from a simple dental impression. Models of your mouth are cast from the impression in our own laboratory. We will then give you instructions on how to apply the gel every day for up to two hours every day. You may choose to use the trays and gel every day or every other day until you achieve the colour change that you can or you are happy with. We like this approach. It puts you in control of your own treatment.

Unlike the “instant” techniques where you have one visit whitening or “top ups”, this home whitening method is much more stable and you can keep the trays and apply the gel as often or as little as you want. The teeth will steadily change colour and the clour change is less likely to relapse. We would probably recommend you repeat the process a day or two a month to maintain the effect you achieve and keep you smiling.

If you want to change the colour and the shape of your teeth. To rebuild worn teeth or close gaps between teeth we can discuss veneers which will give a better effect. We will always recommend a visit with the hygienist bfeore you start you whitening. The gel doesn’t work through plaque or tartar.

We offer home whitening professional programme at the best price we can. We can supply extra gel for our own patients. We offer a top up syringe of gel with every six month hygienist recall free of charge to keep you sparkling. We know you will like it and recommend it to your friends. Come and see us for a free consultation to see if it is the right choice for you.

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