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Dental Bridges

A bridge is usually made of gold and porcelain, or porcelain only.

If you are missing a tooth, usually the two teeth either side of the missing tooth are crowned and joined together with the missing tooth in the middle. The middle tooth is supended between the two crowns. The bridge is cemented to the teeth permanently. With this technique we can replace two missing teeth also.

If you are missing teeth, but there are two good teeth either side of the gap a bridge is often a good option. The neighboring teeth must be healthy enough with good bone support. The bridge then is made just like a crown. Using the Cerec system we can often do this in one visit and job finished! Aesthically and functionally, it can often be a better option than an implant. It is quicker and has similar success rates to dental implants and easier to do than dental implants.

However there are sometimes reasons why dental implants may be the better choice. This choice is unque to each patient. The cost of a bridge is very similar to the cost of an implant. Let us discuss your choices with you and between us decide which is the correct choice for you.