Christmas Smiles

On 28 Nov 2013    

With the advent of Christmas, thoughts turn to sitting back and relaxing – taking a break from work and enjoying the holiday. The preparation for Christmas can be hectic. Many patients use this time to attend for a routine examination with scale and polish. This makes sound sense. Christmas often includes seasonal treats – tins of biscuits and boxes of sweets. In the dental surgery, we often see patients arriving during the holiday time with dislodged older fillings – all due to Christmas sweet excesses! The old adage – prevention is better than cure – is very true in the run up to Christmas.

Christmas also leads into the New Year – where New Years resolutions are made. How many of us have promised to look after ourselves better in the new year? Getting fitter and healthier? Good dental health is the corner stone of good general health. By having a healthy, well maintained dentition and good oral hygiene, our diet can improve – and by extension our general health.

In planning for the festive season, here is a handy guide which will take care of all of these plans.

Pop along to your Smiles dentist and get a check up. Routine dental check ups take very little time – easily worked into the busy Christmas schedule. Smiles clinics are open from 8am to 8pm – allowing you to pick a time that is convenient.
At this check up your dentist can best advise you on your current dental health, the stability and longevity of your existing dental restorations (fillings etc). They can also help to guide you in any treatment that may be necessary to secure longlasting dental health.

Christmas Smiles
Your gums form the foundation of good dental health. We all know that brushing is the best way to help promote good dental health. Did you know that there is a well recognized technique for brushing? Do you know that there is a suggested time for brushing too? This important instruction is available from your Smiles dentist.

When is the last time you changed your toothbrush? Have you ever been shown how to floss? Flossing is important to clean between teeth – removing debris that can sometimes be hard to reach with your brush. The bristles on your tooth brush should be upright – not flat. If your toothbrush has worn bristles – then it’s not working properly. The method of brushing, coupled with flossing and use of a mouthwash can provide the best oral hygiene regime. Your Smiles dentist can talk you though these options and guide you onto a “mouth work out” that can help improve and secure your dental health.

Social occasions at Christmas can mean lots of photos! Smiling with confidence is easily achieved. A recent survey suggested that employers too notice interviewees’ smiles. Your smile and how you look after it can underline your confidence and maybe even impress potential employers. Some employers look for a medical check which can sometimes include being “dentally fit”. As a talking point at interview wouldn’t it be great to tell your future employer that you are a regular attender to the dentist?
Did you know that if you hold a valid Medical Card or you are PRSI entitled, that you can attend for a free dental examination? This benefit remains for all patients, despite recent cutbacks. This can be the first step to improving your dental health – and it’s free!

So, to prevent any sticky toffee “dental injuries”, to promote a healthier you and investing in yourself – a trip to the dentist this holiday season makes the best sense. Smiles is there for you to help you enjoy the festive season with bright smiling confidence – facing into 2014!

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